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Exclusive to Singapore INDI NYAH was launched in 2014 our collection includes exquisite hand poured luxurious candles which are bursting with fresh ingredients. Luxurious liquid hand soaps offering a mild but highly effective cleansing agent along with rich indulgent body creams which are all organic and full of pure essential oils. Our diffusers are all soya based highly potent and rich in scent which include 8 white porex reeds that deliver excellent diffusion.

The NEW 2018 INDI NYAH Signature Collection features 7 candle fragrances which have all been carefully combined with pure essential oils and our NEW Premium soy wax which is even softer than before. Made from soya beans, soy wax is non toxic, bio degradable and environmentally friendly, it also increases your candle burning time by about 50% (compared with paraffin products) its so soft, you can even use it as a massage oil when its warm. Each unique 220g candle is of the highest quality and has been individually hand poured giving a burning time of approximately 45 hours.

NEW improved Trecciolino candle wicks have been introduced, made from pure cotton, our wicks are intwined with a twisted strong paper thread, no chemicals have been added such as chloride nor have they been bleached within the production process. To create a strong core wick we use top quality cotton which is surrounded by an external supportive jacket, this helps to prevent tunnelling as well as mushrooming. This unique wick alongside our newly much improved premium soy wax creates the perfect even burn pool.

The INDI NYAH liquid hand soaps and body creams are 100% organic, our creams are simply combined with cocoa butter, vitamin E and pure essential oils which are highly absorbent and soaks into the skin almost immediately it gives a luxurious feel. Equally, our liquid hand soaps are an ultra gentle organic formula which is particularly good for sensitive skin they are moisturising, soothing and non-drying. A natural source which is palm and SLS free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) combined with essential oils, a mild but effective foaming formula which cleanses effectively.

The INDI NYAH Diffuser Collection is made from soya based renewable resources, Augeo reed diffuser base oil is used in this leading innovative technology product, its non toxic, low in carbon footprint and offers a superior performance when mixed with pure essential oils. Combined with porous white Porex reeds this product offers a unique natural reed diffuser, uplifting any home.

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Please Note NONE of our products have any palm oil in them.

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